Great Seattle Fire of 1889 Infographic Poster Set

Sample illustration of 19th century firefighting equipment. Please click to enlarge.

On June 6th, 1889 a small fire that started in a cabinetry shop near the waterfront soon ballooned into a mighty blaze that tore through the central business district and spurred Seattle's leaders to construct a better-organized, grander and fireproof city.

The Great Fire and A Fire Ready City is a set of collaboratively-designed infographic posters created by fellow Visual Communication Design student Lauren Weldy and myself to synthesize the many conflicting reports of the Great Fire of 1889 into one engaging, true and concise story.

For this project, I collected information from several sources—from online databases all the way to a June 7, 1889 edition of the Seattle PI, created the majority of the illustrations & the fire map, and wrote copy while my partner Lauren worked on research, the overall layout and some illustrations.