Homecoming Eco-Friendly Burial Exhibition

Homecoming is a collaboratively-designed exhibition intended to start a discussion about present and future burial methods. With this exhibition, fellow Visual Communication Design students Lauren Weldy, Mahlon Houk and I aim to educate visitors about the harmful side effects of traditional burials while showcasing greener (and often cheaper) alternatives in a serene, nonthreatening natural setting. The emphasis of Homecoming is not death, but the potential for new life after someone has passed away. To drive home our message, we committed to using biodegradable materials such as cardboard or plantable seed paper so visitors can watch the exhibition weather and transform as it ages.

Stop motion promotional video to advertise the Homecoming exhibition.

Take-home pieces from the exhibition emphasize "new life", rather than death and include origami lilies and seed packets that direct visitors to the Homecoming exhibition's website, where more information on eco burials is available.

Seed packets encourage visitors to plant a living memory of their visit to the Homecoming exhibition and feature a positive quote about death from the Indian scholar Rabidranath Tagore. Please click to enlarge.

Homecoming exhibition map. Please click to enlarge.